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Top of Europe - Kinnarodden

Kinnarodden is the Nothernmost point of the European mainland. The point can only be reached by boat or by foot (hiking).

Because of an increasing demand in later years it was desided to mark a recomended track for a hike to Kinnarodden..The track was officialy opened in the summer of 2004 by members of the Royal family -
the Crownprins and Crownprinsess of Norway - Håkon and Mette Marit.

The path is marked with piles of rock starting from a Gateway at Mehamn Airport. The track is about 23 kilometers (one way) and the distance between the piles are from 200 to 1600 meters. The position of the piles are measured with GPS in UTM coordinates. Estimated time for the hike is about 6-7 hours. It is hily recomended that you bring adeqate navigation aquipment with you (map, compass and GPS). This is because of cold, fast and very dense fog that can cover this area  in a very short time. It is also important that you leave a message about a hike to Kinnarodden. The area is partly covered with GSM-signals.

Since the 2. world war there has been a special sight at Kinnarodden. Two german Ju-88  airbombers crash landed in the area. The planes were only partly damaged, and the crew onboard survived. Both planes are now transported to The National Flightmuseum in Bodø to be preserved and rebuilt. From 15 000 Ju-88 airbombers that were produced, under 5 are intact in the World today. 

  • For boat transpoprt - see contact information under sites for Tourist Information
  • A detailed tourmap with GPS Waypoints is availeble from Gamvik kommune, tel 78496300 -
    email postmottak@gamvik.kommune.no You can get a reduced map by using the link below.

Map of the track to Kinnarodden. "The nothernmost point of the European mainland" 
Kinnarodden =  N 71 gr. 8 min. og 1 sec
Mehamn - Kinnariodden = 23 kilometer
On the map the track is marked with green line.
On the map the piles of rock are marked with red triangles.
Imagemap : Some lakes, names, heights, rivers

Get a larger map here .

From the opening of the track to Kinnarodden - some photos :
The track was opened by members of the Royal family of Norway the summer of 2004, 
Crownprins - Håkon  and Crownprinsess  Mette Marit .

Crownprins Håkon (middle) - 
looking for the piles of rock 00 Forside  .jpg"

 24 rbdighet  .jpg"
Crownprinsess Mette Marit (front) - opening speach

More photos from the Royal visit to Gamvik kommune in 2004.  

Text and photos : Hans Kristian Hanssen
Published by webeditor ( nettredaktør ) 080705

Copyright on all photos and maps.


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